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Expert DataDear support

Helping you to get the most from your Xero accounting software

How we can help

Looking to simplify and automate your Xero reporting? Finding it a bit frustrating posting your journals in Xero every month? We can help to simplify month-end processes such as these.

Clarity are certified DataDear Experts. We can help you maximise the benefits of DataDear by drawing down data from Xero using easy to set parameters, automating calculations and posting journals into Xero with the required level of backup detail, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of error.

Xero reporting templates

Xero Profit and Loss TemplateWe can help you create a dynamic, automated Excel-based reporting suite linked into Xero, leveraging the power of the DataDear GET function, and set up in a format which meets your reporting requirements for decision making.

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We can help you tidy up your month-end process using Xero-integrated models. These will help you to draw down the data you need from Xero, perform the necessary calculations and then post the journals directly into Xero, complete with a supporting worksheet. Our journal models leverage both the GET and POST power of DataDear.

To put our DataDear expertise to work for you, simply call or email us.

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What our clients say

“Clarity listened very carefully to our requirements, took time to understand every part of our needs and delivered something that aligns precisely with what we requested.”

Martin Eves, Director of Financial Operations, Glory Global Solutions

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