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At the start of 2020 we decided to offer a range of free Excel templates on our Shop webpage, which range from cashflow models to maths challenges and project gantt charts.

All of these Excel templates are built with our own unique Clarity style and formatting, and where possible they align to the FAST Standard’s principles of financial modelling best practice.

We really hope they add some value to anyone who finds us.  If you have any suggestions for additional templates (financial models, personal organisational tools, modelling challenges of some sort… anything really), then please do contact us and pass on your suggestions.

Our plan is to continue to add to this free template portfolio as we find ourselves with time to spare (we’re in the midst of the corona virus pandemic right now so we have a few additions being developed as I write this!).

Happy modelling everyone.  And stay safe in these unprecedented times.

The Clarity Team


Click here to see our Free Excel Templates page



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