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From Xero to Hero

Anyone who knows me will know how pleased I am with myself coming up with that little pun. Easily pleased I guess, but then I’m an accountant, and I don’t get out much!

Speaking to clients who use Xero as their accounting software, a common problem that they face is how to easily create a tailored P&L report in Excel. Standard Xero reporting just doesn’t give them what they need out of the box and manually downloading the Xero Profit and Loss reports and manipulating them into their format is just too frustrating and time consuming.

So the Clarity team have been working with the DataDear add-in for Xero and Excel and have created a spreadsheet based Profit and Loss template. This P&L template has been designed to make it quick and easy to present a single Xero company and single tracking category profit and loss report. As it is Excel based it is easily tailored to the end users’ exact needs.

Key benefits:

  • Straightforward spreadsheet-based profit and loss template
  • Updates quickly and easily using the DataDear add-in
  • Filter by tracking category
  • Supports budget and prior year comparisons
  • Comprehensive user guide
  • Easily customisable
  • Support option available to help get you up and running
  • Built in line with good practice standards by DataDear experts


If you would like to find out more about our Xero Profit and Loss report template please follow the link below:

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