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What’s your view?!

Recently I was struck by the variety of clients that we support – something epitomised by the two photos below.

Hare & Hounds Bath

This photo was taken at the Hare & Hounds in Lansdown, Bath. It’s one of four pubs operated by The Bath Pub Company. Clarity has been supporting The Bath Pub Company for over four years, and I provide ongoing support in the role of part-time Finance Director.

Canary Wharf, London

The above photo was taken from the London offices of one of several clients in Canary Wharf. Energy Aspects are an award-winning international energy research company. We have been working with them for two years, providing tailored spreadsheet training and spreadsheet consultancy.

These two businesses could seem poles apart. But whether in Lansdown or London; small or large; in consultancy or construction, hospitality or healthcare, software or services, all our clients share a desire for clarity.

They may want new or improved financial models that give them greater clarity about the probable shape of their finances on the road ahead.

They may want a professional appraisal of their business-critical spreadsheets to gain clarity about whether those spreadsheets can be confidently relied on, or whether there are fundamental errors and inaccuracies that need to be fixed.

Or they may want bespoke Excel training for their team, to enable people to gain clarity about current spreadsheet best practice and more efficient ways of working.

So, whatever the view from the window of your workplace, if the view you have of your spreadsheets – or the view of your business that those spreadsheets deliver – needs a little more clarity, we’re here to help.


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