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Intermediate Excel training modules

For people with some experience of Microsoft Excel, but who need to develop their understanding further

Intermediate Excel training

About these modules

These modules are designed to provide you with a strong grounding in core Excel functions and formulae.

As with all of our bespoke Excel courses we tailor the content to your specific needs and where possible work with examples based on your own data.

Our bespoke modular approach to Excel training allows you to tailor your Excel course by selecting only the modules that are relevant to you.


Intermediate Excel Functionality

Module title Duration (hrs)
Conditional Formatting 1.5
Tables 1.5
Pivot Tables 1.5
Named Ranges 1.5
Data Validation 1.5

Intermediate Excel Functions

Module title Duration (hrs)
Logical functions 1.5
Summing based on conditons 1.5
Lookup functions 1.5
Working with text 1.5
Days, dates and times 1.5
Error management functions 1.5

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