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Spreadsheet evaluation

We can evaluate your spreadsheet risk exposure by carrying out our risk assessment and detailed review. Typically the first part of this involves a discussion around the need, size and business criticality of spreadsheet models.

For example, spreadsheets carrying personal data in an HR department and external reporting numbers in a finance department need to be very tightly controlled, but for different reasons and the controls and security that need to be applied are equally different. We would then audit some key spreadsheets characteristics using the excel toolkit.

Some of the issues we would identify as part of this review are:

  • Weaknesses in spreadsheets used as inputs to business critical processes (e.g. data integrity or inaccurate formulae)
  • Weaknesses in spreadsheets used for confidential data (e.g. security level)
  • Duplicated effort (e.g. separate work being done to drive identical outcome)
  • Numerous versions or other version control issues
  • Storage and structure issues (e.g. redundant spreadsheets for archiving, different folders used to store similar work)