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FAST Level 1 online course

Learn how to build Flexible, Appropriate, Structured and Transparent models and prepare for the FAST Level 1 Certification exam. Delivered by Full Stack Modeller.


FAST Level 1 online training course

The FAST Standard

People build financial models in lots of different ways, which is great until you need to share your models with someone else or you find yourself having to unpick a colleague's complex calculations!

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FAST stands for Flexible, Appropriate, Structured and Transparent. Behind these four characteristics are FAST's in-depth financial-modelling principles and rules.

Learning the FAST Standard will help you (and your team) to build financial models in a more structured and consistent way, while increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of using spreadsheets within critical business processes.

About our FAST Level 1 Online Course

The FAST Level 1 course is now delivered by Full Stack Modeller Ltd.


As FAST-accredited training providers, Full Stack Modeller have focused this dedicated online course on the key FAST principles necessary to pass the 90-minute FAST Level 1 Certification exam.



The FAST Level 1 Certification exam

The key FAST principles are tested through the Level 1 Certification exam, which comprises multiple-choice questions and a comprehensive practical modelling exercise. This is described in more detail in the video below:

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FAST accredited Training Provider

FAST Standard Accredited Training Provider

About the trainer

The FAST Level 1 course is now delivered by Full Stack Modeller Ltd.