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Xero Creditors template

Creditors detail at your fingertips

A specialist template using the DataDear add-in for Excel, helping you present and analyse your creditors from Xero

£45 + VAT


Xero Creditors template on a desktop computer

All of your key creditors information, ready in just one click

Struggling to get a clear view of which supplier invoices are outstanding and overdue? Need a quick and easy way to see all of your invoices and credit notes organised by supplier? Want to see all of your key creditors information in one simple and concise dashboard?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our Xero Creditors reporting template is for you.

Our Xero Creditors template uses the DataDear add-in to bring down your core supplier invoice data. The reporting template then provides the following key reports with just a simple refresh:

  • Creditors dashboard (KPIs and charts)
  • Net purchases trend by supplier
  • Details of all outstanding and overdue invoices and credit notes with creditors aging
  • Creditors days report
  • Suppliers report

Please note: our Xero Creditors reporting template is currently designed for a single currency. Multi-currency version coming soon.

Learn more by watching this short video:

Key benefits

  • Straightforward spreadsheet-based template
  • Update quickly and easily using the DataDear add-in to connect Xero to Excel
  • Interactive Dashboard with KPIs and charts
  • Comprehensive user guide
  • Easily customisable
  • Developed by Clarity's certified DataDear Experts to good-practice standards
  • Support available to assist with customisation

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