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The FAST Standard for Excel

Practical, structured design rules for Excel spreadsheet modelling

The FAST Standard for Excel spreadsheet modelling provides the rules to ensure a consistently high quality of Excel model. Put simply good Excel models should be Flexible, Appropriate, Structured and Transparent.

The FAST Standard is an openly published and managed standard for spreadsheet good practice. The standard is overseen and revised by the FAST Standard Organisation. As  signatories to the FAST Standard we believe in good model design based on the FAST standard is critical to the reduction of spreadsheet risk within an organisation.

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Model design must ensure that Excel models are flexible and adaptable


Models must reflect key business assumptions without being over-built or cluttered with unnecessary detail


Rigorous consistency in model layout and organisation is essential


Models rely on simple, clear formulae that can be understood by other modellers and non-modellers alike

How Clarity works with the FAST Standard

Clarity works with the FAST StandardThe FAST Standard, which was founded over 15 years ago and is used by thousands of Excel modeller worldwide, was written to provide clear guidance for the complex world of spreadsheet based Financial Modelling.

At Clarity we believe that the core principles within the FAST Standard can be applied to all types of Excel modelling to reduce the risk of using spreadsheets within critical business processes.

We are passionate about encouraging all Excel users to take a standardised approach to using Excel within their organisations.

We provide training on how to apply the FAST Standard alongside our Bespoke Excel Training and Spreadsheet Audit and Risk Management courses.

As part of our Spreadsheet Consultancy Services we build Excel models for clients in line with the FAST Standard principles.


Learn how to apply the FAST Standard with our FAST financial modelling training courses

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Need an Excel model built in line with best practice principles? View our Excel spreadsheet consultancy services.

The FAST Standard

Download the FAST Standard here