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Financial modelling

Professional, bespoke financial models built to the FAST Standard

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Financial Modelling with Clarity

A better standard of financial modelling

We build, upgrade or repair regular three-statement financial models (those that forecast a Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement into the future). And we work with specialist partners on more-complex models, including those for project finance and valuations.

The models we build are developed in line with the FAST Standard for Excel spreadsheet modelling.

The FAST Standard was founded over 15 years ago and is used by thousands of financial modellers worldwide. It provides rules that ensure a consistently high quality of financial model: ones that are Flexible, Appropriate, Structured and Transparent. Models built to the FAST Standard increase efficiency and reduce the risk of using spreadsheets within critical business processes.

Above all, FAST models are incredibly clear and simple. They allow us to easily validate our model assumptions and calculations. And as a team of modellers, we can seamlessly share models for peer review and support.

We love it, our clients love it and we think you’ll love it too!

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What our clients say

“Since starting to work with us, Clarity have transformed the accuracy and efficiency of our financial reporting and processes.

They’re extremely professional and swiftly deliver projects to a high standard. And on top of that, they're nice guys too – they’re a pleasure to work with and have become an essential part of our team.”

Joe Cussens, Managing Director, The Bath Pub Company

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FAST Financial Modelling trainingFAST financial modelling training

We also offer financial modelling training, accredited by the FAST Standard.


Financial modelling FAQs

What are financial models for?

A financial model is a forecasting tool, usually built in Microsoft Excel, which predicts the financial performance of a business into the future.

Spreadsheet-based financial models vary significantly in complexity and performance, and can have a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Assessing a specific business opportunity (such as an acquisition or a potential contract)
  • Raising capital (debt or equity)
  • Valuing a business
  • Allocating capital
  • Providing quick assessments of day-to-day challenges

What are the most common financial modelling challeges?

1. An existing model has become unmanageable

When a financial model is passed down from person to person, or has evolved as your business has grown, it can become confusing, cumbersome and unreliable.

In extreme cases, analysts or managers may be using 'black box' financial models, where they follow a set of steps within the model, but nobody understands what the logic or workings behind these are.

We can quickly assess the state of any spreadsheet-based financial model. We can then repair or rebuild it, ensuring your new model is clear, logical, easy to use, and reliable

2. A new opportunity or a critical decision is on the horizon

You may have a stable set of financial models in operation, but face a separate or specific challenge (for example, a bid for work, or a key strategic decision). You have good modellers within your company, but find they're all committed on existing work.

We can act as financial-modelling leads on such challenges. We're experienced in working with operational teams to assess and estimate cost and revenue scenarios, and will leave you with a professional model that can be tailored to match any modelling principles already in place.

Ready to gain Clarity?

To learn more about our financial modelling services and their benefit to your business, simply call or email us.

Call +44 1225 350730

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