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Spreadsheet risk management

The professional approach to reducing the risk of spreadsheet error


Spreadsheet risk management

What is spreadsheet risk?

Studies have found that up to 90% of spreadsheets contain errors and that 5% of those errors are material. As a result of spreadsheet error, your business could lose revenue and profit, fail to comply with regulators, or find its reputation damaged. 

For some real-world context, take a look at these spreadsheet-risk horror stories!

How we can help you to manage your spreadsheet risk


We can work with you to help quantify, manage and mitigate your spreadsheet risk by:

  1. Producing a catalogue of your spreadsheets
  2. Identifying your business-critical spreadsheets
  3. Rebuilding your spreadsheets to best-practice standards where appropriate
  4. Training your team in the techniques of best-practice spreadsheet development
  5. Delivering a formal governance process for continued spreadsheet risk management

Bespoke software

Working with trusted partners, we can develop bespoke software to replace business-critical spreadsheets where appropriate.

Off-the-shelf software

We distribute, implement and provide training for Excel audit-and-control software that provides powerful solutions for managing spreadsheet risk. Find out more...

Ready to gain Clarity?

To learn more about how we can help you manage spreadsheet risk, simply call or email us.

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What our clients say

“I can clearly see how well my business is performing. I can finally sleep at night.”

P O'Toole, Managing Director, Retail Merchandising Services Ltd

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Spreadsheet risk management trainingSpreadsheet risk management training

We also offer training in spreadsheet risk management.