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Excel spreadsheet review

A review of your spreadsheets by our expert team can give you peace of mind and greater confidence in the numbers you rely on

Spreadsheet review

Tailored, independent model reviews

Our review service is completely flexible:

  • would you like someone with a financial modelling background to spend half a day checking over your numbers 
  • or maybe you would just like to run through the key elements of your spreadsheet over the phone
  • or perhaps you need a more structured and thorough model review service spanning multiple days

We will diagnose your model using model auditing software, and we will carry out a selection of tests and checks which will identify the majority of the most common modelling errors.

This is a great way to reduce the likelihood of the most common spreadsheet errors remaining undetected.

To learn more about Clarity and how we can help you, just call or email.

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What our clients say

“The work recently done by Clarity Consultancy Services to upgrade the management accounting, budgeting and monthly payroll processing at Bristol Old Vic has made a significant difference to the efficiency of the finance team, meeting expectations across the board and, in places, exceeding it.”

Nigel Gardner, Finanial Director, Bristol Old Vic

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Spreadsheet review FAQs

Why should I invest in a spreadsheet review?

By passing your model through our review service you will significantly reduce the risk of any formula-driven errors remaining undetected.

For your business this means you:

  • Significantly increase the reliability of your most important company spreadsheets 
  • Gain confidence and peace of mind when you make important strategic decisions regarding the future of your business 
  • Learn more about the standard of spreadsheet modelling within your company, with best practice guidance and feedback provided by our analysts

How does a Clarity spreadsheet review work?

We take a two-stage approach:

1. Diagnose

  • Model auditing software is used to analyse your spreadsheet
  • Multiple reports are created automatically by this software
  • One of our analysts will evaluate these reports
  • A Clarity Model Diagnostic Report will be created which will highlight our findings

2. Verify

  • We have a conversation about your model and the way in which it works
  • You tell us about any areas that are of particular concern to you
  • We propose a verification schedule of tests and checks, and provide an estimated time to complete
  • Once agreed, our analyst works through these tests and checks
  • A Clarity Model Review Report will be created which will highlight all of our findings