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Excel in business
Environmentally friendly add-in for Microsoft Excel

Adobe have launched Adobe LeanPrint, software designed to make printing from Microsoft Excel "lean, clean and green" offering a possible 40% saving on printing costs.

Adobe LeanPrint plugs into Excel (as well as the other Office applications and Adobe products) via an add in. The software offers various printing modes using new Adobe technology to reduce the amount of ink used and "print-optimise" Excel spreadsheets by reformatting their layout.

Here are some of the key benefits according to Adobe:

  • Super Saver mode - Conveniently optimise Excel spreadsheets for printing without losing vital content or readability with a single click.
  • Measure savings instantly - Get a clear picture of the money saved on each print job in the Excel print preview.
  • Hassle-free printing from Microsoft Excel - Eliminate the tedium of printing large tables or multisheet files in Microsoft Excel.
  • Smarter printing of charts - Retain the impact and meaning of charts in Microsoft Excel. Adobe LeanPrint replaces resource-intensive colours and grey areas with unique patterns to substantially reduce toner use without sacrificing the meaning.
  • Toner Saver mode - Take advantage of intelligent printing techniques to significantly reduce toner consumption without impacting the layout of your Excel spreadsheet. 

If the software can really deliver the 40% saving claimed without reducing the value of printing for the user this could be a real money saver for larger organisations and hopefully do some good for the environment in the process. I can't imagine that the likes of HP and Epson will be too thrilled though.

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Click here to view the Adobe LeanPrint datasheet


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