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Excel in business
Hadoop + Excel = Powerful business intelligence toolset?

Microsoft and Hortonworks are extending their partnership to develop an enhanced Hive ODBC (open database connectivity) driver. This enhanced driver will enable users of the open source Hadoop database and Hive data warehousing tools to use Excel as their presentation tool.

Microsoft showed its initial support for the Hadoop project last year when it announced it would work with Hotonworks on developing a windows server compatible version of Hadoop.

Microsoft are now taking the next logical step and opening up their market leading spreadsheet software to Hadoop users.

Using the power and flexibility of Pivot Tables and Powerpivot, an Excel user will be able to interrogate, analyse and summarise vast amounts of data held in Hadoop and then output the results to decision makers via Excel based reports.

This is clearly a significant step forward for Hadoop who stated on their website:

"We have stated on many occasions our vision that Apache Hadoop will process half of the world’s data within the next five years (or less). The Microsoft contributions are a very important step in making that vision a reality." 

It also has the potential to be a significant development for business users as Windows based businesses now have another open source database solution to consider when making those all important data warehousing decisions.

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