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Free Cashflow Templates

For many business owners, the corona virus pandemic has not only led to a drop in revenues and cash inflows, but to the complete cessation of them for an undefined period of time.  Alongside the obvious health concerns of the virus, and the need for many to keep their families safe, sane and active, there is now the added challenge of ensuring a business still exists on the other side of all of this.

We have not been immune to the impact ourselves.  Whilst the financial implications of this situation are far from positive, the one thing we do have for once is collective time to think, plan and develop products that we can offer on our website.

Many of these products are now offered to you for free, and what I’m going to focus on in this article are our two free cashflow templates, which I hope will add particular value to other business owners, companies and individuals in these challenging times.

Simple Cashflow Template

Our simple cashflow template offers you a weekly forecast of cash inflows and outflows, allowing you a way to generate closing cash balances for a nine-month period.  This is deliberately short term and is ideal if you are a business seeking a quick and easy way to predict your cash balance over the next few months.  Cash outflows can be split out into supplier, payroll, HMRC, loans, and other costs.

Dynamic Cashflow Template

We have avoided the use of the word “complex” just in case it puts people off!  Essentially both models are dynamic, as they both update balances when you change your figures.  However, this version offers you more flexibility in the way that you can categorise your cash inflows and outflows, and then quickly include or exclude those categories from the scenarios dashboard. 

All of our templates comes with an embedded user guide, plus a guide video which you’ll find on the relevant links on our Free Excel Templates webpage, so please refer to these for more information, or contact us directly if you need further support.

Stay safe and sane everyone.

The Clarity Team


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