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ICAEW Spreadsheet Competency Framework

The ICAEW launched their Spreadsheet Competency Framework at Chartered Accountants' Hall in London on 6th July 2016. As sponsors of the launch event it was great to see representation across the accountancy industry.

Speaking to delegates after the presentations we gauged that the Spreadsheet Competency Framework was very well received and is seen as a step forward for training and recruitment.

What is the Spreadsheet Competency Framework?

In the words of the ICAEW: “The framework is a structure for assessing ability and proficiency when using spreadsheets, and can be used by recruitment agencies, companies, job seekers, training providers and anyone else who uses spreadsheets to carry out their role.”

It is a well-known phenomenon (Dunning–Kruger effect) that people cannot easily judge their own ability. The Spreadsheet Competency Framework will certainly help to address this issue.

The framework also groups user spreadsheet skill sets into four category of users: “Basic user”, “General user”, “Creator” and “Developer”. This acknowledges the fact that not all users need to be Excel Gurus, they only need the skills required to fulfil their role. 

How can the Spreadsheet Competency Framework benefit you and your team?

The framework provides a clear basis to assess people that you are looking to recruit but also, and I think more importantly, a basis to assess yourself and members of your team as part of your annual reviews.

How does our Bespoke Excel Training fit with the Spreadsheet Competency Framework?

I believe that the Spreadsheet Competency Framework acknowledges the massive benefit of tailored training compared to generic courses with a wide base of content.

I think that our Bespoke Excel Training is perfectly aligned to the Spreadsheet Competency Framework. We have successfully been using our training needs assessment process to assess and target training to maximise benefit based on the individual’s role for the last eight years.

If you would like to find out more about the Spreadsheet Competency Framework or our Bespoke Excel Training please contact the team.

Please click on the link below for more information:

ICAEW Spreadsheet Competency Framework


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