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How To Excel
February's Quick Tips

Our How To Excel series provides an overview of some of Microsoft Excel's functions and tools. In this article we will look at some Excel Options.

We can customise Excel 2007 through the Excel Options area. If you have a spare few minutes it is well worth your time having a look through this area to see what options are available to you. In this quick tips post I discuss a few favourites.

To access all of the options below, click on the Office button and then Excel Options.

Colour Scheme

To change the colour scheme in Excel 2007 go to "Popular" > Color Scheme and then select from blue, silver or black.

Default number of sheet tabs

Excel defaults to three sheets when a new workbook is created. To change this default setting go to "Popular", under the section titled "when creating new workbooks" and then change the number next to "include this many sheets".

Show the developer toolbar on Ribbon

If you create and run a lot of macros in Excel 2007 it will be worth you switching on the developer toolbar on the Ribbon. In "Popular" tick the box next to "show the developer tab in the ribbon".

Use Table Names in formulae

When you create a formula based on a Table in Excel 2007 the formula includes the table references. Whilst this can be very helpful and allow you to create dynamic formulae there will also be occasions when you just want to write a straightforward formula.

To turn off the table functionality go to "Formulas" > "working with formulas" and untick the box next to "use table names in formulas".


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