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FAST financial modelling training

Training in financial modelling, accredited by the FAST Standard

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About the FAST Standard

Our clients love the models that we build in line with the FAST Standard because, above all, FAST models are incredibly clear and simple.

We are able to easily validate our model assumptions and calculations, and as a team of modellers we can seamlessly share models for peer review and support. We love it, our clients love it and we think you will love it too.

We have worked with The FAST Standard Organisation to develop our FAST Standard-accredited FAST Level 1 Certificate Financial Modelling course.

Learn how to apply The FAST Standard to your financial models through a mix of theory and practical case study application. This two day course includes the Level 1 Certificate exam.

The FAST Standard for Excel spreadsheet modelling provides the rules to ensure a consistently high quality of financial model. Put simply, good financial models should be Flexible, Appropriate, Structured and Transparent.

We are currently offering the FAST Level 1 Certificate course as a public course in Bristol and London or in-house across the UK.

How we work with The FAST Standard

The FAST Standard, which was founded over 15 years ago and is used by thousands of financial modellers worldwide, was written to provide clear guidance for the complex world of spreadsheet based Financial Modelling.

We are signatories to The FAST Standard as we believe financial models built and maintained according to the FAST Standard significantly increase efficiency and reduce risk. We are passionate about encouraging all Excel users to take a standardised approach to using Excel within their organisations.

We are an accredited training centre for The FAST Standard Level 1 Certificate. Our FAST Standard Level 1 Certificate training course has been reviewed and accredited by The FAST Standard Organisation.

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• Download our FAST Level 1 course fact sheet

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FAST Level 1 course fact sheet

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FAST financial modelling training

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